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Località La Ripresa di Vistarenni - 53013 Gaiole in Chianti - Siena - Italy
Tel: +39 0577 738520
Fax: +39 0577 738659
P.Iva 01116290527

Hotel near the castles of Chianti

From our hotel discover the castles of the Chianti

Come and visit us and the Hotel Ultimo Mulino is your ideal base to follow the famous road of the castles of Chianti, which the municipality of Gaiole in Chianti has optimized in 6 wonderful routes for publicizing this area rich with castles, fortresses and abbeys. The routes are named after colours in Chianti and has always been an endless palette, and following them you can get famous buildings such as the Castle Brolio, the Parish of Spaltenna, Castle Meleto, Vistarenni, and other magnificent places of absolute enchantment. From our hotel touring the castles of the Chianti road will be one more reason to make your holiday original and timeless, because finding you in those places will be easy identifying the atmosphere of that time and travel with the imagination to the moments in which these environments were inhabited. If you want to satisfy your emotions regarding castles of Chianti, come and visit the Ultimo Mulino, the impregnable fortress of your imagination and your well being.

Do you want to admire the beauty of the castles of Chianti?

Choosing a stay in our hotel to visit the castles of Chianti, will be a smart choice as you will finally have the opportunity to admire the beauty of these structures in total serenity. When something is beautiful, too often we only have the opportunity to give it a fleeting glance, but accommodation in our hotel will enable you to experience tranquillity throughout the mystery, magic and history and characteristics of these imposing buildings, set like precious gems in a necklace, in the spectacular landscape of Chianti. Every year thousands of visitors flock to admire the castles of the Chianti region, attracted and fascinated by their majesty, witness of past greatness and splendour and historical periods. From “Vertine” to “Lucignano”, from “Uliveta” to “Monte Lodoli”, from “Badia a Coltibuono” to “Le Selve”, it is like an invisible stretched wire and you are fortunate enough to have an interesting and exciting holiday in Chianti at our hotel. Contact us to know the routes of the castles of Chianti from where you will be able to discover them.

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